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Finding Signal In The Noise

We recently launched TrendSpottr Signal, our most comprehensive trend intelligence product yet. Featuring advanced trend analytics (sentiment, momentum, compare), social engagement options and integrated alerting, Signal is an invaluable resource for identifying emerging trends, events and influencers with high predicted growth and market impact

Signal is used today by some of the world’s largest agencies, brands, news organizations and global companies as an early warning system to proactively prepare for and optimize key strategic initiatives, such as: 

  • crisis management
  • real-time content creation 
  • social content optimization
  • viral news discovery
  • competitive intelligence
  • real-time market research
  • influencer and advocate marketing

Below are four easy steps to get started with and get the most out of Signal

1. Create & Organize Tabs

Create a tab for each key topic or area of interest. Tabs help to organize your trending content for easy reference and access. For example, create a tab for a client (Nike), campaign (Federal Election), topic of interest (Big Data) or, event (Sochi Olympics). 

2. Create & Customize Search Terms

Create as many search terms or trending streams as desired. Search terms can include keywords, topics, hashtags, @names, $cashtags or Twitter list URLs. 

For example, a “Social Media” tab may include the following search terms: 

3. Analyze & Save Trends

Use Signal on a regular basis to get “ahead of the curve”. Analyze and act upon trending insights to optimize your content marketing, crisis management, social engagement and influencer marketing initiatives. 

View momentum and sentiment data to help guide you on the timing and emotional tone of relevant trends. Trends with positive momentum and sentiment may be ones that you wish to amplify by sharing via social channels. You can also save any trends to your “Saved Trends” page for follow up review and action. 

Analyze the real-time share of voice of topics and streams by using the Compare feature. For example, compare “Pepsi” to “Coke” and “Red Bull” to understand which brand is gaining the most social engagement and share of voice. Use this data for competitive intelligence and to inform your social marketing and positioning. 

4. Engage & Create

Use the Engage feature to share relevant trends and insights with your social network and community. Include Signal’s recommended trending hashtags and influencers to increase you social engagement and performance. 

Create trending alerts for your most important topics and search terms. Be alerted immediately by email notification of emerging news and trends that are relevant to your business or industry. Integrate Signal’s alerts into your crisis management and content marketing platforms. 

Sign up today for your 14 day free trial and start finding the signal in the noise! 

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Introducing TrendSpottr Signal. We’re excited to announce the launch of Signal, the most comprehensive trend intelligence product yet. Featuring advanced trend analytics, social engagement options, integrated alerting and a gorgeous new user interface, Signal is an invaluable resource for optimizing your content marketing, reputation management and influencer marketing initiatives. 

Whether you are a content marketer, crisis manager, public relations executive, journalist, blogger or brand manager, Signal will help you find the “signal in the noise” by surfacing the most important early trends and insights from the firehose of social media content.

Signal is available today and includes a 14 day free trial. Give it a try and let us know what you think.  

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Bitcoin has emerged as one of the most exciting, controversial and volatile digital currencies around today. Follow all the emerging trends and developing news about Bitcoin with this TrendSpottr widget. You can customize your own widget for your blog or website by heading over to the Trending Widgets page on our site. 

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We’ve been holding off on this post hoping the news of our crack-smoking, binge drinking mayor would fade away and we Torontonians could get on with life in our great city. Unfortunately, every day brings more surprises and revelations. If you’d like to follow this train wreck in real-time, we’ve included a Rob Ford trending widget for your entertainment and news pleasure. You can customize your own widget for your blog or website by heading over to the Trending Widgets page on our site. 

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The ongoing developments and drama surrounding Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian and the NSA’s data collection and surveillance procedures are keeping us glued to our screens. To keep track of this evolving story, we’ve embedded a TrendSpottr Widget that surfaces the top trending news and content about these important issues. 

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RIP Google Reader. Hello Twitter Lists and TrendSpottr

Today marks the official end of Google Reader, one of the most popular RSS readers of all time. While many users are flocking to other RSS reader options, including Feedly and the new Digg Reader, others are questioning the relevance and usefulness of dedicated RSS readers in the age of Twitter.   


One feature of Twitter in particular, Twitter Lists, offers an incredibly useful way to curate and receive real-time news and information from relevant sources. This is especially true now that Twitter has expanded Lists, allowing users up to 1,000 Lists of 5,000 accounts per set. It’s no wonder that many are turning to Twitter Lists as their real-time, socially-powered news feed. 

One of the key challenges with a real-time, socially-powered news feed though is keeping pace with the volume and velocity of information flow. Another challenge is turning a chronological Twitter feed into a manageable and user-friendly reading experience. This is where TrendSpottr comes in. TrendSpottr turns any Twitter List into a highly relevant and readable experience by surfacing the most important and trending content from that list.

Let’s take an example. Robert Scoble, the noted tech blogger and influencer, has curated a number of Twitter Lists. One of his most popular lists is the Tech News Brands list, which includes 497 Twitter accounts and is described as, “The most complete list of tech news sources (from the BBC tech pages to TechCrunch).”

This list is a great real-time feed of the most influential tech news. However, viewing it as a chronological feed on Twitter is a difficult, time consuming and often frustrating experience. Copying this Twitter List URL ( and pasting it into TrendSpottr’s search bar (on our free site, HootSuite app or Dashboard app) instantly transforms into a highly useful and readable trending news feed

This solution works with any Twitter List and offers a great way to transition from dedicated RSS readers like Google Reader to a real-time, socially-powered news feed that leverages the power of Twitter Lists and TrendSpottr. Give it a try and let us know what you think! 


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Managing Campaign Risk With Predictive Analytics


Social marketing campaigns involve a lot of time, effort and planning. Thousands of hours are often invested developing creative design, copy and messaging, audience segmentation, landing page optimization, and marketing strategies.  

Once the campaign is ready a launch date is selected, the campaign is published and its performance tracked. What happens though when the unexpected happens? When the campaign is hijacked or undermined by events and social conversations that were either unknown or under-estimated at the time of campaign launch. This is where real-time predictive analytics are essential in helping to manage the potential risks associated with social campaigns.

Let’s take an example. Acme Corp and its agency have spent the past six weeks preparing a social marketing campaign to promote its new line of fashionable sneakers. Facebook pages and microsites have been created, Twitter and Facebook ads have been purchased and social and blog posts are ready to be published. Everything is good to go. The campaign launches and within the first few hours it’s clear that something is going horribly wrong. Social media users are rallying around a news report that many sneaker companies use child labor to manufacture their products. The report was published just before the Acme Corp campaign launched but hadn’t registered yet on anyone’s radar. No one at Acme Corp could predict that this news report would go viral, engage and activate users in large numbers and negatively impact its new sneaker campaign.

In the example above, Acme Corp could have used TrendSpottr’s real-time predictive analytics capabilities to surface emerging issues, events and trends relevant to their campaign. TrendSpottr would have identified that the child labor news article and the associated negative social chatter would trend within several hours of the launch of the campaign. With the benefit of this insight, Acme Corp could have decided to delay the launch of the campaign until the issue had blown over or proactively prepared a response to address the issue as part of the campaign launch.

There is too much at stake to leave the fate of social marketing campaigns to the whim of the social media gods. Increasingly, brands and agencies are turning to solutions like TrendSpottr Dashboard and TrendSpottr Alerts to manage campaign risk by peering into the future to provide invaluable predictive insights.

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Mad Men returns this Sunday for its sixth season. Set in the late 1960’s, this season will feature short skirts, lots of facial hair (only on the men we hope) and more bad behavior from Don Draper. As a special preview, we’ve added a Mad Men trending widget to our blog. You can customize your own TrendSpottr Widget and embed it on your site or blog at: Ok, now off to drink an Old Fashioned.  

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Twitter Ads: Optimizing For Performance


This week, Twitter announced the launch of its Twitter Ads API to allow advertisers to manage Twitter ad campaigns programatically and at scale. Twitter also announced five initial partners who will use the Ads API to offer real-time Twitter advertising features to their customers. Among these partners are two of our very own partners: Salesforce and HootSuite. 

While the release of the Ads API promises to usher in a new era of “real-time marketer content to the platform”, the key issue facing advertisers now is how to optimize ad performance for a real-time, rapid-fire, interest-based network like Twitter. Relying on traditional web marketing and ad buying strategies will certainly not do the trick nor will replicating ad campaigns used on other networks like Facebook or Pinterest.

The key to ad success on Twitter will be for advertisers to match their campaigns and messaging to the life cycle of user engagement on Twitter. With the half-life of content on Twitter at around three hours, being able to predict what messaging and content will engage users within these brief engagement windows will be critical for effective ad performance. 

This is where TrendSpottr comes in. TrendSpottr’s real-time predictive analytics automatically identify and recommend the most optimal keywords, hashtags and content for any ad buying campaign. These recommendations are based on the projected trends, viral growth and social engagement on Twitter over the next engagement window. By using our predictive ad recommendations, advertisers will continually "skate to where the puck is going to be" and organically supercharge the performance of their Twitter ad campaigns.

TrendSpottr’s predictive ad recommendation technology will soon be integrated into social ad buying platforms. In the meantime, advertisers can get started today by subscribing to TrendSpottr Dashboard and TrendSpottr Alerts to surface predictive trending data that is relevant to their ad campaigns. 

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